Retreat from Yavin 4

END: Give Them a Left and a Right

The End?

The rest of the Wamp Rats board the Skipray under a hail of fire from the troopers in the woods, but with their Dark Troopers down little threat is posed to the ship itself. Mada is the first in after HK and he pauses a moment in the doorway to take in all the new sights. He even holds his hand out in front of himself to practice focusing with his eyes.

Jonas and Kaash come shoving him behind him almost pushing Mada over. Both of them shout at him, “MOVE!”

Mada replies, after making way, and while showing them his hand, “guys guys guys, I can see!”

Kaash grunts “marvelous, his brain is still broken.”

Karkas call from the co-pilot’s seat, “ Jonas, would you like come up here and rise ship already?”

Jonas heads to the cockpit with Kaash in Mada in tow. They take in the unconscious Aarn in the pilot seat. Kaash, Mada, and HK take Aarn to the back while Jonas gets the ship burning up the atmosphere.

After locking Aarn up, the group heads back to the cockpit. Mada walks in and declares loudly, “I’ve got sensors, I can see!”

HK and Kaash share a glance, and Kaash thumbs back toward Aarn. “yeah, I’ve got guard duty. No sense listening to Mada’s vision status all day.”

HK slides into the gunnery seat, “STATEMENT: I have not shot nearly as many meatbags as I’d like today.”

A proximity alarm goings off as if on cue. Everyone but Karka flinches and Mada begins earnestly shouting from the sensor station. “Missile! Missile! Missile!”

Karka gets to business identifying targets and Jonas puts to the ship into evasive maneuvers. Karka spots where the shots came from, “HK, two TIEs off to port.”

HK replies, “INQUIRY: Do any of them know mechanics?”

“Hkkkk” grunts Jonas while pulling some tight Gs.


HK Swivels the turret and takes out their pursuers with two well placed shots.

“I saw that.” declares Mada.

The atmosphere melts away to stars and the Wamp Rats are ready to spool up the Hyperdive. Jonas inputs coordinates and makes the jump. The stars stretch and burst into the blue of Hyperspace travel but it only lasts a few moments before returning to the blackness and distance stars of pure space. Nothing but stars all around you feel safe for the first time in the last few days, and a weight seems lifted. Jonas turns to the rest of the group and cracks a smile.

“So, where are off to?”


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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