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The Rebellion, lead by LUKE SKYWALKER, have just won their first major victory by destroying the DEATH STAR at Yavin 4.

Soon after GENERAL DODONNA evacuated all but the most mobile forces of the Rebellion; keeping the base operating as a symbol of defiance against the Empire. Readying their strategic retreat and emboldened by their success, Dodonna’s forces have continued to fight off the Empire’s probing attacks even with the system under heavy blockade.

The REBEL FLEET continues to avoid Imperial intelligence; forcing the Empire to split its focus. However, DARTH VADER has recently joined the blockade of the Yavin system on board his new Super Star Destroyer, the EXECUTOR.

The WAMP RATS, a newly formed strike force of the Rebel Alliance, ready themselves for their first solo mission; to seek and destroy an Imperial listening post in the jungles of Yavin 4…

Retreat from Yavin 4

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