Retreat from Yavin 4

END: Into the Jungle

Chapter 1 - Outro

Mada slowly sits up and looks around that the carnage of the battle. Jaryk is banging on the computer behind him and Mada hears some commotion outside the hut.

Grim, still hovering with his jetpack, is calling out to HK. “HK! I see him! 200m meters moving North. There’s a small clearing ahead of him; in between the tallest tree and the vines that look like a Bantha.”

HK levels his scope in the direction Grim is pointing and replies, “OMINOUS STATEMENT: I have you now.” HK fires and the fleeing stormtrooper screams like a Wilhelm and is flung into a nearby tree and falls behind the ferns.

Mada looks over at Jaryk and asks, “did I get them all?”

“What?! No, no no. You passed out. I thought you were in a coma.” Jaryk replies.

“Rodians don’t pass out, they fall into a healing meditative trance. It was all part of my plan” Mada states indignantly.

“You planed to be in a coma? Looked like a coma,” Jaryk turn his attention back to the computer terminal “and this looks like a lost cause.” He then shouts outside the hut. “THIS IS EGREGIOUS!” Jaryk continues to mutter to himself (“barbarians”) as Jonas calls out from the crates he’s been inspecting.

“Hey guys, they had medical supplies and droid parts stored over here.” Jonas motions everyone over and they all put salves on their wounds and take a moment to recover from the battle. Mada explains the radio transmission and that they’ve been given the retreat order.

Jonas speaks up, “I’ve got my ship docks at pad 3, ready to go.”

Kaash asks the question, “how do you suggest we get to the landing pad? Our ride has likely already left orbit and we smashed the communication computer.”

Jaryk crosses his arms grumply, “You smashed it, Kaash. You. Not we. I would never…”

Grim interrupts Jaryk as he has an idea, “Hey! What do you guys think is in those big crates?”


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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