Retreat from Yavin 4

END: Out of the Gate

Chapter 2 - Outro

Scout Troopers on speeder bikes zip in from the North and swarm over the landing pad as the last one of you takes off. The Rebel Reargaurd is scattering into the jungle with their mission to occupy the Imperial forces complete.

Jonas’ voice breaks over the comm, “Form up on me. We may be off the ground but we’re not out of the system yet and that Imperial blockade will be right on top of us for sure.”

Grim is the first to respond, “Why? Its not like the Alliance even told us where our next base would be.”

“The Imps don’t know that, they’ll torture you for the information regardless.” Mada reminds everyone.

“QUICK INTERJECTION: Our squad assignment is to rendezvous with the Haggard Gorak and serve as it’s operations squad. Captain Tcadick will serve as our contact with the Alliance until we are recalled to the new HQ. Hopefully finding more meatbags to eradicate along the way.” HK Explains.

Jonas sends out the hyperspace coordinates from his Navi Computer to all the squad members and says, “We’ll want to make our jumps as soon as we clear the gravity well. Spool up your computers and have the coordinates on stand by. Breaking through the blockade will not be easy.”

You make your way up out of the atmosphere mostly in silence. Bracing yourself for the difficult task to come. Just as the horizon fades away into the blackness of space Kaash’s voice breaks in over the comm.

“Dear Elders! What is this!?”


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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