Retreat from Yavin 4

Out of the Gate

Chapter 2

The tree branches and vines of the jungle whip by as you ride your newly procured speeder bikes toward the landing pad where Jonas has been storing his YT-1300.

Jonas’ voice comes through the speeders built in comm system. “The clearing should be just ahead. It might be a little cramped but the old girl can hold everyone and get us out of here. The retreat order Mada discovered was the automated repeating alert. Which means that the attack on the temple has to have been going on for awhile. Hopefully they’ll still be busy over there and won’t be hitting the landing pads just yet.”

A burst of bright, white light and you’re through edge of the jungle into the clearing. Almost instantly you’re greeted shower of laser fire. The Rebel Vanguard is doing its best to slow the Imperials advance on the landing pad. However, the Imperials have 3 AT-STs and 1 AT-AT along with a full battalion of troopers.

“Kriff! There must be a whole platoon over there!” exclaims Jaryk. Dodging the blaster fire as best he can. “These bikes must be transmitting something! They’re zeroed in on us!”

Kaash is the first hit. The blast hits the front of the bike sending him over his handlebars but rotating himself through the air he is able to slide to a stop on his side with minor scraps.

The back of Jaryk’s speeder erupts in smoke from a laser hit. He rolls out of his seat cradling his gear like his child.
Grim leaps straight up from the seat on his bike just before it is blasted to pieces under him. Firing his jetpack once for good measure he lands gently on the ground.

Jonas points the nose of his bike straight up and slides off the back. Hitting the ground in roll he mutters something about being too old for this.

Mada dives his bike into the ground. Listing to the side, Mada tries to give himself cover until the bike grinds to a halt.

HK successfully dodges the first brage but sees the danger in continuing to ride the speeder bike. Crossing his grip he brings the bike in to roll until he’s dangling feet first with the bike over head. Lowering the bike’s altitude till his feet can touch the ground he take three steps, releases his grip on the bike and brings his blaster rifle up from its holster in a combat ready stance.

“COMMANDING OBSERVATION: Squad mates, the landing platform is approximately 80 meters away. I suggest continual movement to avoid capture by the other meat sacks. The Rebel Vanguard will not hold out long against that many troopers.”

As the group dusts themselves off they look up to see a rather startled group of Scout Troopers that had been sneaking up to flank the Vanguard troops. Now they stand between you and the landing pad.


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