Retreat from Yavin 4

Up, Up, and Away

Chapter 3

The star field is nearly blocked out by the site of an Imperial Class Star Destroyer (at ⅓ scale because if you try to display to scale it breaks the map) moving in closer. To your right are full squads of Tie Fighters trying to force you in the path of the Destroyers’ tractor beams.

Mada checks an alert signaled on the comm system of Nonamé. Major Everson’s mystery signal is transmitting again, but different somehow, more steady. Mada clears the alert, no time to think about it now.

A young voice breaks over the comm system. “This is Commander Skywalker to all Alliance ships. Make for coordinates 627.894. There’s a gap in the Imperial blockade, but it’s closing fast. Punch it and report to your assigned rendezvous points. Skywalker out.”

A break of static over the line before the signal dropped lets you know that Skywalker just exploited that gap and had jumped to hyperspace.

Grim’s voice can be heard next with a mix of anxiety and excitement. “Get ready. Here they come.”


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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