Mada Roolek

A Rodian with a lightsaber


Mada Roolek originally tried to join up with the Imperial Army, not for any political motivations, but just because they seemed like the best place to go if you wanted to live your life shooting and slashing at things. In his younger years, typical wrestling matches among kids would quickly turn truly violent, and he developed a taste for it. His temper and bloodlust got him in hot water with his commanding officers one time too many, and he was dishonorably discharged and sent packing. He worked odd jobs as a mercenary until he was eventually hired by the Rebellion (he couldn’t pass up the chance to be on the other side of the battlefield from those Imperical cowards who wouldn’t get out of the way and let him fight!).

He has a light saber that he picked up in the aftermath of one of his last battles with the Imperial Army. They’d attacked a lone Jedi survivor on an outlying planet. The battle was vicious, with the Jedi slicing through nearly a hundred soldiers before they finally took him down. Mada was in awe of his fighting prowess and felt drawn to him. After he was dead, Mada sifted through the ruins and found his lightsaber. He felt a sense of connection to it and kept it with him as he continued his journeys.

Mada doesn’t know much about the Force and has had zero training or education in it, but he’s force-sensitive and unknowingly channels the power in subtle ways as he fights. It most often manifests as his powerful lust for battle, latching onto his natural anger and enhancing it.

Mada Roolek

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