Retreat from Yavin 4

Into the Jungle

Chapter 1

The Haggard Goark soars low over the trees of the jungles of Yavin 4. The Consular-class Light Assault Cruiser has been like a second home for you over the past few months. The 9 person crew flying you all over the 4th moon, depositing on various outposts and duties.

Jonas looks around on the bridge. The co-pilot and medial tach officer appear don’t appear to be on board. “Where’s Zayce and Lonak? They owe me some credits for our Sabacc game last week.”

Fes, a human woman and the ship’s weapons officer shrugs. replying in her usual casual manner, “Don’t know, they said they had to take care of something back at base today. Maybe they just didn’t want to pay up.”

“Those scoundrels. They’re a lot better at hiding then at cards.” Scoffs Jonas.

The Rodain comms officer, Wax looks up from his station, “fellas, the captain is waiting for you in the conference room."

You are join Tcadick Drevot, the Mon Calamari captain, in the conference room and he quickly summarizes your mission briefing from this morning. “Alright Wamp Rats, we’re nearing the drop site. We’re fairly certain that a minor Imperial listening post has been set up in the jungle northeast from that landing site. When you reach the target you should only find light resistance guarding the equipment. This post is so far out from our communications range we have to wonder what in the world the could hope to even hear out here, but no matter, they put it up and you’re going to take it down. Once you’ve dealt with the guards, salvage what you can, but be sure that nothing is left working for the Imps to get their hands on. Its your first solo mission as a squad, but I know you can handle it. Might even get assigned to the Pathfinders after this, who knows.”

After the briefing recap you gear up and prepare to repel out of the ships open airlocks to the jungle below. Once on the ground the Haggard Gorak leaves the area and awaits your signal that the mission is complete before returning to pick you up. As the sound of the engines slowly fades in the distance you’re left with the quiet chaos of the jungles song and begin heading northeast to find the listing post.

A short walk later you are surprised to see Lonak, the Gorak’s Twi’lek co-pilot, and Zayce, their human medical officer, approaching you from the cover of the jungle.

“Hey guys, you owe me money” jokingly greets Jonas, but they don’t seem to be paying attention.

“I have a bad feeling about this” says Kaash in a low voice while Jaryk’s fur ripples in agreement.

Suddenly four appearance bounty hunters leap out from cover, grabbing your blasters and knocking you prone.

“What gives?!” says Mada indignantly from the ground.

“Shut up!” replies Zayce who lowers Grim’s own blaster at its former owner.

The Twi’lek looks Jaryk in the eyes, “you thought you could hide from the hutts out here? There’s no where safe in the galaxy after what you pulled.”

Grim interrupts, “Hey HK, I don’t think these guys work for the the Alliance.”

HK-477 replies, “EXCITED RESPONSE: I was hoping you would say that.”


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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